Consummate Love Experience

Scholarship Application and Seat Deposit

To apply for your full scholarship for the Consummate Love Experience, please fill out the following form. We have a limited number of full scholarships, so fill out the form now to claim your spot!

While we feel great about offering some full scholarships, we want some assurance that scholarship recipients will show up. We require a $100 seat deposit per couple to reserve your spot in the workshop.Your seat deposit will be returned to you when you arrive at the workshop.

In order to complete your scholarship application, you will need to pay the seat deposit using PayPal or a major credit card. After you complete the application form and click “Submit,” you will be redirected to a page for making your payment.

Congratulations on taking this powerful step toward your hot, happy, harmonious relationship!


Scholarship Application Form

The next two weekends for the Consummate Love Experience are November 3–5, 2017 and March 2–4, 2018. Please type “yes” next to the date range of your choice in the fields below.

Consummate Love Experience Application Form

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Don’t forget to complete your application by placing your 100% refundable Seat Deposit!