Hearts Opening to Wonder

Revealed: The Secrets to a Hot, Happy, Harmonious Relationship

If you are stuck in frustrating and painful relationship patterns that keep repeating over and over again, you may be getting really tired of it. You may even fear losing your relationship. You and your partner may love each other, but you are having trouble connecting in a loving way. Neither of you is experiencing the extraordinary relationship you deserve.

There is a way to resolve your issues. Once you and your beloved learn strategies from a proven, integrated system for transforming relationship challenges into opportunities for deeper love, you will begin replacing your entrenched patterns of relating with new strategies that open your hearts and leave you feeling closer.


This is why we created the Extraordinary Love Summit!

(formerly the Consummate Love Experience)

An Introductory Workshop Featuring The Love Imperatives for Couples

In this weekend workshop, you and your love will get:

  • Clarity about your biggest relationship challenges and your vision of what you want instead
  • Four proven strategies to connect more deeply and love more fully
  • The secret to owning your power so you can reduce suffering and begin creating your delicious, passion-filled relationship
  • An introduction to a potent process for ending the repetitive conflicts and engaging in successful communication, so that both you and your partner can feel heard
  • An effective framework for making your relationship safe and nurturing
  • Delightful organic lunches and snacks
  • A basic understanding of a powerful system that, once mastered, can transform your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary!
Jenn and Kevin connect
Hearts Opening to Wonder
Through stories, demonstrations, experiential activities, and practice, the Extraordinary Love Summit gives you a basic grounding in The Love Imperatives, an integrated system of tools that can transform your repetitive, painful, and frustrating relationship patterns into consistently loving, effective practices to create the relationship of your dreams.

Let go of the struggle.

Address recurring relationship pain and frustration.

Begin your journey to the hot, happy, harmonious, and truly extraordinary relationship you deserve!


When: Friday, November 3, 6:30–9:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, November 4 and 5, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (Additional dates on scholarship application.)
Where: Santa Cruz County, California, location provided upon registration.
The price of the Extraordinary Love Summit is $997 per couple. A limited amount of full scholarships are available.


We are sorry to let you know that the application process for the Extraordinary Love Summit is now closed. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out about our work!

Success Stories:

Before working with Golden and Beth I blamed my partner or circumstances for the dis-ease I experienced. As a result of the program, I am able to receive more love and closeness from my spouse. The Love Imperatives make it compelling to see and nurture the extraordinary aspects of my husband and our relationship. Jenn Schmidt

Before learning about The Love Imperatives, I found connecting deeply with my partner almost impossible. During the program, I learned practices to “Keep it Hot” that aid us in reconnection. I feel hopeful because we found a program we can afford to pay for and cannot afford to pass up! Holly Devi Amoore

Before doing the Consummate Love Experience I was in pain about my relationship. My biggest result was being open to the support that is taught by Beth and Golden. I feel closer to unconditional love and closer to my beloved. David Hammer

Hearts Opening to Wonder

About the Facilitators:

Golden and Beth Love are the creators of The Love Imperatives, an effective integrated system of relationship tools and techniques for couples. Between them, Golden and Beth have over 50 years experience supporting hundreds of individuals, couples, and families through transformational processes. Their exceptional relationship bears witness to the power of healing in their own lives, and has served as a compelling model for the many couples they have served over the years.

Beth and Golden are both gifted teachers, facilitators, and speakers. They have provided inspiration, healing tools, and a sense of possibility to people in many diverse contexts, including non-profit organizations, college classes, churches, and the state prison system. Beth has recently published her first book. Golden has served as an assistant facilitator in a large, well-known organization dedicated to healthy relationships. Both Golden and Beth are New Thought practitioners of Higher Consciousness, and Beth is an ordained minister.

831-466-3405 • 127 National St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • beth@wholenessworks.com