I’ve been thinking lately about a story I first heard as a Community Studies major at UC Santa Cruz in the mid-1990s. The story was about a committed group of professionals, doctors, social workers, teachers, and others, taking a walk by a river and noticing many babies drowning in the river. They jumped in to save the babies, one at a time, but more and more babies just kept pouring downstream. Finally, one of the members of the group said, “I’m going upstream to figure out why all these babies are ending up in the water.” This story was the catalyst for my realization that for me, prevention is more my calling than is intervention.
The reason this has been on my mind is that we are living in a time in which many people appear to be in great danger of getting washed into the stream of divisiveness, fear, and exclusion being fostered by the person holding the highest political office in the U.S. It’s so easy to get swept up in the immediacy of the daily pronouncements of one more draconian executive order and one more appointee threatening to erase decades of positive movement.
I have been thinking about this story because I have noticed some self-judgment about continuing to focus on my two current passions in the midst of all this turmoil in my country. The voice of judgment says something like “how can you be posting about things like sauerkraut and intimacy workshops when all hell is breaking loose in the country?” After pondering the story that was a catalyst for my own understanding of my purpose, I have come to a different question: “How could I not be posting about sauerkraut and love?”
I am signing petitions and making donations. I have joined an action group, and I will continue to take action as guided to subvert the agenda of Donald Trump and his allies. AND, I intend to keep my focus primarily upstream. There are causes in consciousness and in the world of form for the wave of anger, misogyny, fear, and divisiveness that swept Trump into office. My part in addressing those causes might not stop all of the babies from falling into the stream, but I can fix a few of the upstream problems for some people. With my work I can empower couples to have more love, juiciness, and harmony in their relationship, and that will ripple out into the world. With my work I can inspire people to eat in ways that bring about more harmony and vitality in their body temples, respect for the environment, and compassion for animals, and that will ripple out into the world as well.
I’d love to hear your thoughts about all of this!